Hi, I am Ibad.
I am a Full Stack Web Developer.

profile web developer

What I Do

Create powerful web applications to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience

As Web developer, My journey in the world of technology is characterized by a dedication of excellence and a commitment to staying at the forefront of web development trends.

backend web developer


My expertise in the backend is using PHP. I have completed various projects using the Laravel Framework and Codeigniter.

frontend web developer


I have skills in several technologies to work on the frontend, such as Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS as a framework, then Javascript and JQuery to create interactive pages



I also have the ability to use WordPress, especially Elementor as one of my favorite page builders

My Journey

4 years
as Web Developer.

Starting my journey from 2020, I’ve evolved from mastering back-end to becoming a Full Stack Web Developer. Diverse projects, such as E-Commerce, Learning Management System, and ERP System is my 4 years achievements. I continue to develop my skills and Ready to face new challenges, I bring adaptability and innovation in every upcoming project.


My Previous Work.

“In the realm of web development, every line of code is a brushstroke, crafting a masterpiece of digital innovation. Each project is a precious gem, a prove to dedication, growth, and the artistry that transforms ideas into captivating online experiences.”

sales obsession
To raise sales productivity, SalesObsession is collaborating 3 entity into one. Admin panel for Product Management, Order Management, Inventory, Reporting. Sales Rep. Portal as an apps for Sales Representative displaying products on-site and taking the order. The last is the customer portal for customer's self service.
Nowadays, real-time data acquisition is a key to achieve Efficient Manufacturing Productivity. Monesis involving IoT to get machine performance indicated with OEE Score in real-time. Monesis also managing production workorder including workorder schedule, workorder result and report.

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